Come meet your new Best Feline Friend at our adoption fair this weekend!

We’ll have kittens at the Westside Wag N Wash, 1625 W Uintah St H in Colorado Springs from 11-3,

as well as at Happy Cats from 12-4, 1412 S. 21st Street

Please  submit an application here!

Sterling and Bailey are two of the Colorado Kids. Sterling is a Party Animal who loves kisses and belly rubs with his people, but also loves his brother Bailey too. Bailey takes a little more time to warm up but then will meow when he wants his petting.

Bones and Scotty are two of the Trekkies, along with their sister Uhura. She’s the Party Animal, moving too fast to get her photo yet, but Bones and Scotty are right behind her. Bones has the perfect little mask and Scotty has the hipster mustache. We’ll have photos of Uhura plus siblings Captain & Tennille and little Muppet Rizzo soon!

Please click here to submit an Adoption Application ahead of time or call us at 719-362-4600 for more info.

We hope to see you soon!