Marsh & Mallow @ Happy Cats
Come meet your new Best Feline Friend at our adoption fair this weekend!

We’ll have kittens at Happy Cats from 12-4, 1412 S. 21st Street, as well as at Furry Friends from 10-2 on the other side of town at 3586 Hartsel Drive in the Woodmen Plaza at Woodmen and Lexington.

Marsh and Mallow will be there, along with Hershey, Twix and Taffy…

Twix @ Happy Cats
Hershey @ Happy Cats
Taffy @ Happy Cats

…and some of the Big Bang kittens, Lynn, Howard and Sheldon…

Sheldon @ Happy Cats

Howard @ Happy Cats

Lynn @ Happy Cats

…and the A Team: Asher, Aidan and Ava…

Asher @ Happy Cats

Aidan @ Happy Cats

Ava @ Happy Cats

…plus more kittens to meet who are not quite ready to go home. Hope to see you there!

Chronicle Kittens