Jenga & babies
It’s raining cats and…kittens!

All over the city, abandoned mother cats are raising their kittens the best they can. Happy Cats gets calls about kittens on decks, kittens in window wells, kittens in woodpiles. Along with rescuing babies, Happy Cats always makes sure the mother cats are taken care of too.

Although adorable and adoptable, kittens like little Haley here are our most expensive investment.

Kitten Kit
Last year, we found homes for 251 kittens. We need your help to get us through Kitten Season!

  • $5 will buy a kitten-sized litter box
  • $10 will buy food & litter for a cat or kitten for a month
  • $10 will also buy a microchip, a postal scale or a litter scoop
  • $15 will buy all 3 kitten vaccinations
  • $20 will buy their Snap test for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Viruses
  • $30 will buy a scratching post from local maker Michael to teach them good scratching habits
  • $40 will buy their spay or neuter…to stop the cycle of overpopulation

Please click on our Paypal button to make your tax-deductible donation. A button at the top of that page can make your donation monthly, ensuring that we can keep a roof over their heads too. Thanks to Sarah, Deborah and Don for being Happy Cats Sustainers!


Geri @ Gigi's
Dr. Amy @ Healthy Companions
Thanks also to Geri McGinnis of Gigi’s Animal Lover’s Shop and Dr. Amy Neidig of Healthy Companions Pet Care, orphan kittens will stay warm with their Snuggle Safe heating discs from Geri and healthy with their KMR milk replacer and scales from Dr. Amy. Kathy Buono also donated fun totes from Thirty-One, a great company for organizing things like baby bottles and blankies :). Thanks to them, we have a dozen Kitten Kits ready to go for our next new foster parents.

Variety Pack
You can also donate by giving your heart and your time to become a foster parent for little ones like these kittens raised by Sinika and Tim. Our donations help us supply all equipment. All you need is time to spend with the moms and their kittens to make sure they’re gently handled and happy to be with their humans by the time they come back to be adopted. Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

This is perfect for people who travel or families in the military who would like to have cats or kittens but need to stay mobile. It’s also perfect for families who want their children to experience kittens without adding to our ever-growing feline overpopulation problem. We also need fosters for cats who need a break from the shelter while they wait for their forever families, much less time required than for our kittens.

Please call us at 719-635-5000 if you’d like to become a foster parent.