Indy Give 2016
Have you ever wondered who supports Happy Cats Haven? It’s you and your friends! All our support comes from individuals and foundations, with no governmental help. The Indy Give! campaign is a big part of our fundraising.

If you–or anyone you know–is looking for a worthy animal organization to support for 2016, here’s what we did with your donations in 2015:

  • We completed 457 adoptions last year–fully 1/10th of all shelter cat adoptions in this region!
  • For every dollar donated to Happy Cats Haven, over 87 cents went directly to the cats
  • Since 2011, we have given safe haven to over 1,800 homeless cats and kittens and helped hundreds more community cats get fixed and fed through our TNRCare program.
  • Our 120+ loving, committed volunteers helped us make the most of every donation.

Your end-of-year Give! donation helps us keep food in their tummies, a roof over their heads and lots of love every day until they find their forever families. You can even collect fun rewards while you receive a tax deduction for your contribution!

Every dollar will be matched, thanks to our generous Matching Donors:

LIsten to our stories!
You can click here to listen to their stories and learn how much your donations help each and every kitty.

Click here for a Fox21 News story about Indy Give!

Please click on Polydactyl Pete to donate to Indy Give! Thank you for everything you do to help us to help them!

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