Ferdinand @ Happy Cats

Ferdinand @ Happy CatsThanks to everyone who donated for Ferdinand’s eye fund, we were able to get him an appointment with Dr. Dugan at Eye Specialists for Animals. Dr. Dugan examined him and said that he is not in any pain and can likely see something out of his right eye, though it is clouded.


Ferdinand @ Happy Cats

His inner lid is often covering part of his eye (except when he is very excited and playful), but that is not a problem, just a cosmetic issue. Since Ferdinand doesn’t seem to be too worried about that, we are leaving well enough alone.

Ferdinand @ Happy CatsFerdinand has been in loving foster care where he was gently handled and exposed to lots of different things than he’d seen in his life crammed in the garage with so many other cats, including sunshine, people, toys and love.



Hobson & Ferdinand @ Happy Cats

We brought him to Happy Cats and within a day, he was out and asking for attention with all his other Hobbit friends, Opie, Poppy, Hobson, Dora and of course, Bowman.



Ferdinand @ Happy CatsFerdinand is an adorable loving boy who is ready to meet you so please drop by!