Gemelli & Ziti

Gemelli & ZitiGemelli & Ziti playZiti and Gemelli were found with their mom and sister and brought into Happy Cats. Their mom, Gabby, looks like a purebred Snowshoe, with her blue eyes, stocky build, pointed coat and white nose and socks. Her kittens are every bit as beautiful as she is.


Ziti loves BocceThe boys went to live with some nice people in Manitou, who had just lost their Snowshoe of many years. They now live with another Snowshoe, Bocce, where they can look out the window at the mountains. Ziti especially looks up to his big ‘brother’ and both boys have brought out the kitten in him.


Gemelli & ZitiGemelli loves his lap

Their guardians, Floyd and Andra, say the kittens are “purr monsters,” that “all you need to do is touch them and they start purring immediately.” Clearly, these little fellows have landed in a honey pot. Thanks for taking such good care of them!