Wilson @ Happy Cats Haven

Wilson @ Happy Cats
Wilson came to us as a small kitten. His mom Lizzy had an abusive owner. She’d had one litter we’d helped with and we knew there’d be another one, since she was never spayed and forced to live outside. With the help of Barb, our TNR specialist, we trapped her and got the kittens into Sue’s house, a wonderful foster mom.
Wilson @ Happy Cats
Sue helped Lizzy raise her kittens into extremely loving and social little fellows, including Wilson. These were the kind of babies who would start purring and kneading at the sound of your voice, happy to be picked up and held.
Wilson @ Happy Cats
Sue had taken the time to gently handle all the babies so they not only were used to humans but wanted to be around them just as much as their mom.

Wilson @ Happy Cats HavenSarah came to visit, looking for an addition to her cat and dog family. Sarah has Devon Rex cats, a smaller breed, so she needed someone we were pretty confident would be gentle and not apt to become a bully when he got bigger than them later. We had several great choices, but Sarah fell in love with Wilson. The feeling was mutual. We had to wait a few days for him to go home and he was ready!
Wilson's ready to go!
Once he got home, her cat Tessa welcomed him immediately. Tessa is a big fan of any kind of baby, according to Sarah.
Wilson & Tessa @ Home
He was also welcomed by her Cavalier Spaniel, Riley. Several months later, Riley is still his special friend, letting Wilson share his bed and playing dog and cat tag.
WIlson & Riley @ Home
Sarah says, “Wilson is the most loving kitten in the world. He adores cuddling and is still a drooler at 9 months. I bet he never grows out of that!”
Wilson @ Happy Cats
“He’s a fantastic addition to my household, and I’m grateful every day to his foster mom and Happy Cats for socializing him so well. And every day I also thank him for ‘finding me.'”