Kallie & Karmel @ Home

Angel Kallie & KarmelKarmel and Kallie were rescued and brought into Happy Cats as teenage siblings. Probably the most beautiful pair of cats at the shelter, they are a white patched yellow tabby and a calico with the build of a Turkish Van.
Karmel High Fives




Karmel was the more shy, but also the more curious and took to clicker play right away.
Kallie seemed to be able to roll with anything. They had lots of exposure to other cats and learned how to get along well with them, including veteran Angel, who loved to play with them.
Karmel & Kallie @ Home


They were adopted together by young newlyweds who had no other animals. They have tons of toys, tons of room and all the love in the world.
Karmel & Kallie play @ Home




They get to play so hard that sometimes Karmel continues playing even when there aren’t any visible toys! We’ve since seen this behavior in Angel and the kittens…talk about wishful thinking :).
Kallie & Karmel hug

Their new adopter Rebecca says, “It is amazing what having them around for 6 months has done to Karmel. He is sooooooo friendly now. He finally slept on my lap the other day (granted he has been sleeping on Patrick’s lap for months) and Kallie has been really cuddly for a long time now.”
Kallie & Karmel @ Home

We’re grateful these two best friends got to be adopted together so they can stay playful their whole lives. We’re so happy for them and their new young family!