Georgia & Ethan

Georgia & EthanGeorgia was dumped at a feral cat colony as a small kitten. Barb, the colony’s manager, found and fostered her with her own household of rescued cats and dogs.

Ethan and his family had adopted a cat a couple of years ago who died suddenly of heart problems. They were looking for someone to help mend their own hearts.
Georgia now has more love in her life than she does names. Virginia the mom says, “She now has more toys than any decent kitty should have. Her idea of catch is for us to throw her ball and then for her to get it and run the other way with it in her mouth. Ethan calls this reverse fetch.

Where's Georgia?
”She is a very well socialized kitty. Bless you for your commitment and caring. We are very excited to have you all and Georgia in our lives. We hope that our relationships will last a very long time.”