Carley @ home

CHarley @ Happy Catsarley came to Happy Cats from the nice folks at Lucky Dog Boarding. Someone had dropped her off and never came back for her. They tried to make her their office cat, but she didn’t get enough one-on-one attention. They knew she was unhappy, so she came here.

Her name was Harley and they told us she was a boy. She came with vet records that said so. One day we had occasion to check and realized he was a she. Harley had the most beautiful, soft silver fur that shimmered in the light.


Harley not so happyHarley was what we call a Single Cat. She was surviving but just didn’t do well in a colony. She was always on edge with the other cats and her appetite started to wane. We put her in an area she could have to herself and she perked up.
Harley @ Happy Cats

Harley @ Happy CatsWe learned not to pet her behind her shoulder blades because it seemed like her back hurt. One of our wonderful volunteers does energy healing. She came in often to work her magic on ‘Harleyita’ and slowly her pain subsided. She began to like being petted again. She even tolerated a little Christmas decor during our photo shoot.


Carley @ homeAdam came to find a cat shortly after Christmas. He met several cats, but when he sat down with Harley, she crawled right into his lap and gave him a big hug, nuzzling his face.




Carley @ homeAdam renamed her Carley, which seems to suit her new softer side. She loves being petted and hanging out with him. It took about a month for her to feel at home enough to not hide when Adam left, but now she owns her space. He made his balcony into a cat-safe enclosure with wire so now she gets fresh air and sunshine too.


Carley @ homeWe’re so happy this beautiful silver lady has come into her own, after all she’s been through!