Smitty & grandmother @ Happy Cats Haven

Grandmother & happy Smitty

Happy Cats is excited to partner with our neighbors up the hill, the Village at Skyline. They are a retirement community that offers care for seniors of all kinds, including the Memory Ladies.





These ladies may not remember everything, but they all remember how soothing it is to have a purring cat or kitten on their laps.

Carter & grandmother @ Happy Cats Haven

Carter gets a snuggle

Smitty, Lucky & Grandmother @ Happy Cats Haven

Smitty & Lucky share a Grandmother

We had four ladies from the Village, so each grandmother got her own colony. That meant that each colony got their own grandmother, with only a little bit of competition for who got to sit on their lap. There was plenty of love to go around, so all the cats who wanted to had some lap time and cuddles.

Smitty says goodbye

Smitty says goodbye



The time passed quickly and we were sad to see them go, especially Smitty who watched out the window as they drove away. We can’t wait till next time!