Fuzzy & Chester

Boomer @ Happy CatsBoomer was a handsome Maine Coon mix boy with a lush ginger coat, probably around 7 months old. He came to us from some people who had rescued him themselves, but had too many animals. We were told he really wanted to be with other cats, but their cats just didn’t like him. This was confirmed by the fight scabs on his back.

Boomer @ Happy CatsHe adapted well at Happy Cats. We had few kittens at the time, so he tried to make friends with the adults in his colony. Sadly, no one really warmed up to him.

Then Becky called to talk about getting a friend for her cat Chester. Chester had been best friends with Leo, a Maine Coon adult whom Becky had rescued off the streets, starving and sick. Chester helped nurse him back to health, grooming and cuddling him. Becky showed us pictures of Chester with Leo curled around him like a giant.

Leo came down with FIP, one of the most scary diseases a cat can get. Conventional veterinary medicine says an FIP cat can’t be saved and tells the guardian to take them home to die. Leo was put to sleep after fighting with the disease for just a few weeks, Chester by his side the whole time.

Old school thought about FIP says that it’s highly contagious. Current research says it comes from the Coronavirus (same as human SARS), which is now as common as a cold virus to humans. Becky was terrified that Chester was going to get it, but research says that if you keep your cat healthy, with feline-appropriate nutrition and low stress, your cat will probably not develop FIP even if exposed to the virus.

Reassured, Becky traveled all the way from Trinidad to meet Boomer. She had an idea he would be an ideal companion for Chester…and vice versa. It was love at first sight on her part. Boomer wasn’t quite sure he wanted to be cuddled at first, but by the time they left, he was relaxing fast.

Fuzzy & ChesterWhen they got home after the long car trip, Boomer settled right in. By the next day, the two cats were pawing under the door and chirping at each other. Within 24 hours, they were drinking water together and Chester had started to lick Boomer’s face.

Fuzzy & ChesterWithin a week, Becky wrote to say that Chester was in heaven. The look on Boomer’s face says he was too! Becky says the only worry is that Chester will be the one with the hairballs.

They tried several names, but the only one that stuck was Fuzzy. A month later Fuzzy was relaxed around their Golden Retriever, Poncho, and even sleeping next to him. Becky says, “Chester & Poncho are so happy to have Fuzzy as an addition to our family. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you guys do for all kitties you are able to adopt out to families.”

We’re so happy this loving little fellow finally found someone who could return his love tenfold. Look how handsome he’s gotten! Congratulations to Fuzzy, Chester and Poncho!Fuzzy @ Home