Felted Cat Beds @ Happy Cats
Are you looking for something special for your favorite feline for the holidays…or any other time?

We are happy to offer these beautiful eco-friendly, fair trade felted cat products! From Nepal, their production benefits local families by providing a reliable source of income and will be a focus of our Happy Cat Christmas Boutique fundraising.

All items are handmade, so please expect colors to vary slightly. Please click here for our Felted Cat Gift order form or call us at 719-362-4600 and we’ll be happy to take your order over the phone.

All orders need to be in by Monday, November 21st in order to be here in time for your Christmas giving. We will also have some for auction at our Top Cat & Tails, our Fifth Anniversary Party on December 2nd. Based on popularity, we may be carrying a few of these gifts in our store after that.

Felted Cat Caves

These are made with 100% natural wool and cat-safe, natural dyes. Being a natural fabric, they are hand washable but please don’t put them in your dryer or you’ll have to regift them for kittens :).

Approximately 11″ x 19″, they have a 7″ hole, so please measure the widest part of your cats to make sure they cat can fit inside before you purchase! Skye, our model cat, weighs in at 7 pounds, so please size accordingly.

They come in three colorways: solid, gray plus color and white plus color.

Felted Cat Caves
Felted Cat Caves Gray Plus Color
Felted Cat Caves White Plus Color

Felted Cat Baskets

Also made of cat-friendsly 100% wool, these are probably better for larger kitties, at 18″ x 16″ with a 10″ opening.
Felted Cat Baskets



Felted Cat Toys

Your cat will love this 7″ long felted snake that’s perfect for steeping in a bag of catnip for catnip-infused playtime. If your cats likes balls, they’ll love batting around the adorable strawberry.

Felted Snake Toys
Felted Strawberry

Please call us at 719-362-4600 to place your order. Remember, we need to have all orders in hand by Monday, November 21st, in order to get them in time for Christmas!