Dundee waits for medical care
Dundee showed up outside a home, looking for help with his back leg dangling. Happy Cats friend Melissa brought him in and it turns out he had a broken tibia. He had a microchip, but his guardian had left him with her sister, who lost him. We don’t know how he broke his leg, but the break was bad, as you can see.
Dundee's broken tibia
The surgery was difficult due to the changes in tendons and muscles during the several days he wandered around with it broken. In spite of the pain he must have been in, this young cat was still loving and full of purrs.
Dundee post operation
Dr. Volz of the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park has pinned the leg and he is recovering in loving foster care with Marty, his lead Veterinary Technician. Once the leg is healed, he will have to go back into surgery to have the pin removed.

We try not to turn away any kitty because of heath or behavior issues, but of course the surgery was expensive. If you can help with Dundee’s expenses, please click below.

The volunteers, cats & kittens thank you!