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Got questions? Want to stretch your definition of a shelter?

See if our Happy Cats Haven FAQ can help:

What makes HCH different from other shelters?

A purr is more subtle than a wagging tail. Cats sometimes need a little help to bring out their best sides, especially with the trauma of losing their homes. We focus on the special needs of cats in shelters, creating a cage-free feline-friendly space that best promotes each cat’s individual personality. This also makes us more human friendly too, giving you a comfortable environment to make your best match possible.

Why open another cat shelter?

Around 9 out of 10 dogs in shelters find a home. For cats, it’s only 1 out of 3. We’d like to put a dent in those horrific statistics by showing people what great companions cats can be. We also spay and neuter each cat to help reduce the kitten explosion that leads to nearly 5,000 cat and kitten euthanasias a year in the Pikes Peak region alone.

Why do I have to make an appointment to relinquish my cat?

Most of our cats live in small groups in small rooms called colonies. Because they are exposed to each other, we must make sure they’re healthy before they come to live here. Your cat will be tested for contagious feline viruses at intake and must test negative before we can accept him or her.

What can I do to help?

Please visit our GIVE page to volunteer or donate. Most of us are volunteers too, so thanks from all of us!