Even though we are as cage-free as possible, Happy Cats Haven still requires smaller housing, or cat condos, to operate. We hold new intakes for 10 days to make sure they are healthy. This also ensures the health of the cats who are already in the colonies when the new guys arrive.

In addition, our quarantine room holds 4 condos, so cats that do get sick can be cared for in a safe environment. Since not every cat likes communal living, we also have plans for 4 large condos that will be in the reception area, giving those ‘Aristocats’ access to humans but not other cats.

cat condo

Thanks Blue River Woodworks!

We are working with Charles Walters, an extraordinary woodworker and the owner of Blue River Woodworks. Based on current shelter research and state regulations, we partnered on a design that is not only humane, sanitary and feline-friendly, but is also beautiful, cost-effective and supports a local business.

As you can see, the cat condo is warm and friendly wood, triple coated with acrylic that’s easily sanitized. The solid panel on the left gives shy cats a hiding space to acclimate to their new digs, while the grid on the door provides ventilation. There are removable portals to accomodate larger cats or kitten groups and sanitary attachments for hooks for hammocks.

Charles has generously donated his labor for the intake condos and we have just received a generous donation for his materials, so all 6 intake condos can be built immediately!

We are currently looking for sponsors for the other 8 condos for our quarantine and Aristocat areas. The quarantine condos will be $400 per condo and the Aristocat condos, visible to the public, will be $600 per condo. Using a local manufacturer saves us hundreds in shipping costs.

Your sponsorship of a cat condo comes with a plaque that will attach to the solid part of the front. It can be in memorium for that special cat or as a unique celebration for your feline friend, or simply kudos to your generosity. We really appreciate our family of donors and all the cats and kittens to come will too!

$150 helps us pay for a condo currently being created, so we can continue to take in the cats and kittens on our waiting list. Thanks, Breezy’s Mom!

$400 pays for a quarantine condo, in case of illness.

$600 pays for an Aristocat condo, for cats who prefer people over other pets, housed in our reception area.

We are a 501(c)3 organization, so your donation is fully tax-deductible. The volunteers and cats thank you!