It is the policy of Happy Cats Haven that all potential cat adopters complete the Adoption Application and an interview with an Adoption Coordinator in order to be considered as a forever home for our cats and kittens. Happy Cats Haven uses the adoption application and interview to help us understand your needs and expectations. We will determine the best home for each cat or kitten based on the application and interview process, which includes review by the Adoption Committee based on our policies, below.

After review of the adoption application and the completion of the interview, we may recommend a different cat or kitten that is more suitable to your household. Because we strive to make both our adoptable pets AND our adopting families as happy as possible, you may not always be able to adopt the pet you have fallen in love with online. But don’t worry! We will help you find a cat or kitten that best matches what you are looking for so that you and your new furry companion can have a happily ever after!

Happy Cats Haven is a privately run, non-profit organization and reserves the right to refuse any adoption that is not in the best interest of the cat or kitten, based on our principles, policies, and standards as explained herein:

  1. We will not place one of our cats or kittens to someone who plans to declaw them. We make every effort to observe what type of scratcher they prefer for the best chance of continuing that use at your home. We can provide instruction on how to clip claws and guidance about finding a scratcher that your cat will prefer over your furniture. We believe declawing can lead to other problems like inappropriate litter box use and health issues, ultimately damaging your cat–and your home–far more. If you feel you have no choice but to declaw your cat, we request you return him or her to us so we can find a more appropriate home.
  2. We will not place one of our cats or kittens to someone who has plans to let them live outdoors. Adopters must agree to keep the cats or kittens primarily as an indoor cat. We will be happy to provide information on how to train a cat or kitten to use a halter and leash, if you’d like to take the cat outdoors. We also suggest making simple outdoor enclosures for your cat and can provide resources for that. The one exception to this policy will be when placing a barn cat.
  3. We will not place cats or kittens into a home that would require a travel distance of more than 4 hours drive by car or bus, and absolutely not into a home requiring transportation by plane or train.
  4. We highly recommend that kittens at or under the age of 4 months, be adopted in pairs unless you already have a young, compatible cat or possibly a dog at home, or if the guardian(s) is stay at home/retired.
  5. If you have a child under approximately 6 years of age, we recommend adoption of an adult cat or older kitten(s) that is at least 4 months of age. The appropriate age will further depend on the personality and the needs of the kitten. Younger kittens are more fragile and can be accidentally injured by a small child. Also, young kittens have not learned yet to retract their claws and may accidentally injure a small child.
  6. In the event that there are many people interested in adopting a specific cat/kitten, the names of applicants who have been qualified by the Adoption Committee will be entered into a random drawing. Using a drawing in this situation provides all qualified adopters an equal opportunity to adopt the cat/kitten of their choice.
  7. If you rent your home, you must provide a copy of the pet agreement clause of your rental lease and permission from your landlord PRIOR TO adopting any cat or kitten from our shelter.
  8. Provided the adoption application is approved, a hold of $50 may be placed on a cat or kitten while an adoption decision is being made. This hold will be released in 7 days, is transferrable – but not refundable.
  9. We guarantee to take our adopted animals back at any time in their lives, so that is why matching the right pet to the right home is paramount. To encourage a healthy adjustment period, returns may be made up to 21 days for the adoption fee amount minus a $45 surrender fee.

At Happy Cats Haven, we have the opportunity to evaluate the behavior of our cats and kittens and to provide adoptive parents with all the information necessary to make an informed adoption decision. We only want the very best for our cats and kittens and their adoptive families, so we have strict standards to ensure this happens.