Come help us celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day with our Game of Crowns kitties! Through August 20th, all black adult cats can come home with you for half off!

People may think black cats all look alike, so we’re using fun crowns to show them off and showcase their personalities.

Clove was one of our teen moms, barely out of kittenhood herself when she had her babies. They’re all adopted now and it’s time for her to find her own family. She’s a lovely cat with soft medium length fur that gives you all the fluff without the maintenance of her Maine Coon cousins. She’s very outgoing and will do best as your one and only!





Miss Mina is a sleek black panther lady who had a rough start in life. Her eye was scarred through neglect as a kitten, which also left her with occasional sneezing, but that doesn’t stop her from being one of the most affectionate cats you’ll ever meet! She loves people and will turn on the purrs for you right away.





Cupid and Truffles are just catolescents at 9 months, big beautiful twins who love to play and purr and follow around their favorite people. They get along with everyone they’ve met, but would do really well with an active home to keep these busy youngsters even happier.





Keesa is a tough little cookie who had a rough life on the road before she came to us. She can be a little opinionated (hey, at her age, she’s earned it!) so a quiet home where she can be the only queen in her castle will let her bloom in her senior years. Once she feels safe, she’ll curl up on your lap and purr for hours.





Sheba came to us after some kind people found her abandoned outside. In spite of everything she went through, she’s still very loving and cuddly, especially to Cat Daddies! She gets along great with most of the other cats she’s met, not pushy or pushed, and did well with the dogs at her foster home too. She’s just an all-around great cat and would love to make your life run more smoothly as you best kitty secretary.





Denzel was left behind when his people moved, fearfully watching them drive away from where he’d been kicked outside. It took him some time to learn to trust again, but once he knows he’s safe with you, he comes to the door to greet you. While he was here, a youngster named Rudy decided he was his best friend and now they have the best bromance going on, playing hard when the sun goes down and then snuggling up together. They started out as watchful Private Eyes but now that they know they’re safe, they’ve graduated to Snuggle Bunnies with people too. We’d love to see these two best friends get to spend the rest of their lives together, so Rudy’s adoption fee is waived when he gets to come with Denzel!

Jagger came into Happy Cats when a good samaritan found him after he’d been hit by a car. He was in pain until we could get his tail amputated, but after that, he really came back to the amazing young cat he is, full of play and excitement about the world. He might be your nice dog’s best cat friend, as he loves the dogs at his foster home. Party cats welcome too, as long as they love to play like he does!





Kit had been abandoned outside and was trying to survive, bullied terribly by the cats in the neighborhood. A kind person brought her to us where she has slowly blossomed into a very affectionate lap cat. She still is wary about certain fast movements and having her fur brushed, but we’re working on those love bites! She will be your very best princess once she finds her forever family.





You can click here to download an Adoption Application for any of our wonderful cats, fill it out and send to Someone should get back to you within 48 hours after you send it in. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call Happy Cats at 719-362-4600.