Black Cat Appreciation Day
Some may think they all look alike, but we know our black cats (& tuxedos) are as individual as their more colorful cat friends.

Evie Marie loves other cats (and does a fine Sit Pretty!), sweet Milo is your Butler-in-Waiting, Taki loves to chirp-talk, Mr Friskers has an extraordinary tail, Bastet looks like the Egyptian goddess she was named for, Jayde looks out for Joker, Priya is just the cutest kitten ever though Joanie and Chachi give her a run for her money, Squeaker is a huge handsome loverboy, Ms Miniface loves Mr Kittyface and Mr Kittyface loves everyone!

Help us celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th with half off adoption fees for all black or tuxedo cats and kittens…throughout August!

Evie @ Happy Cats

Evie Marie loves cats

Sweet Milo

Milo the Butler

Jett & Streak

Jett & Streak are adopted!

Taki @ Happy Cats

Talky Taki is adopted!

Mr Friskers @ Happy Cats

Mr Friskers & his astounding tail

Elegant Bastet

Elegant Bastet is on hold!

Jayde has Joker's back

Jayde & Joker are adopted!

Sweet petitie Priya

Priya is adopted!

Joanie loves Chachi

Joanie & Chachi are adopted!

Squeaker @ Happy Cats

Squeaker is adopted!

Mr Kittyface & Ms Miniface

Mr Kittyface & Ms Miniface are on hold!