Tutt @ Happy CatsMost cats in shelters end up there through no fault of their own. A perfectly happy and well-adjusted kitty can become a “problem” very quickly through common misunderstandings.

The four most common reasons for surrendering a cat are:

  • Litter box issues
  • Multi-cat issues
  • Grooming issues
  • Health issues

If you need help solving problems in order to keep your cat, Happy Cats Haven can help. Contrary to popular opinion, cats can be trained and their behavior can be modified…without the use of harsh conventional training. We recommend only positive techniques to do this and have many success stories to show you it can be done.

We’re also here to support our adopters and our cats & kittens. Here are some links to get you started. If your cat’s behavior needs more assistance than this, please call us at 719-362-4600 and we’ll refer you.

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