Bee & Rumer @ Happy Cats
Meet Bee and Rumer, two tortoiseshell sisters who go together like their chocolate and peanut butter colors! They started out at Happy Cats as kittens, so we’ve known them most of their lives. They are big, beautiful ladies with soft speckled coats. Bee is a little bigger, with a darker mask. Her friends call her Bumble Bee for long :). Rumer has a little more orange on her face with half of her whiskers all white!

They were adopted as kittens and lived there for over a year, until their guardian got a roommate who was allergic to them.

Both girls were born sight impaired. We believe that Bee can see a little more than Rumer, probably light and shadow. However, both girls can follow and play with a laser light if you don’t move it too fast! They both have acute hearing and are very sensitive to touch.

If you say their names when you go to visit, they come running immediately! They are understandable wary of being stepped on by feet they can only sense, so they appreciate you standing still so they can come to you. You’ll get head bonks and purrs all over the place with just a little patience. It’s interesting to watch them watch you, as they are obviously using all their senses to figure out who you are.

At still under two years old, both girls love to play with toys they can hear. They love the sparkle wand and will chase all over for it, capturing it and playing like their sighted kitty friends.

Both ladies will probably be the cats who come snuggle with you once things are quiet and they know they’re safe. They will probably do well in a room of their own during the busy times of your household, with access to the whole house at night so they can explore without worrying about being stepped on.

We assume they will do best without other animals, but if you have a friendly cat or dog who could be belled so they weren’t suprised by them, and time for a nice slow introduction, they might prove to be adaptable. We know they’re willing to try, as they’ve made friends with everyone they’ve met at Happy Cats!

A kind donor is sponsoring them so they can be adopted for $30 each, which includes their negative virus tests, spays, vaccinations, microchips, food & litter to start us off, a month of free insurance and a free vet visit each. Won’t you come visit and give them a chance to show you what loving ladies they are?

You can click here to send in an Adoption Application for me. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. If you’d like to contact someone more quickly, please call Happy Cats at 719-635-5000.

Bee @ Happy Cats
Rumer @ Happy Cats
Bee @ Happy Cats
Rumer @ Happy Cats
Bee  @ Happy Cats
Rumer @ Happy Cats
Bee & Rumer @ Happy CatsRumer @ Happy Cats