Louisa & Christina @ Happy Cats
WOOHOO! Louisa & Christina are ADOPTED!
Louisa and Christina were named after Spanish princesses, appropriate for the dark beauty of their tortoiseshell coats. They are both very sweet kittens of about 6 months old, just into their Catolescence.

Christina @ Happy CatsLouisa @ Happy Cats
They were both born with cataracts which limit their sight. We have had them to Dr. Dugan at Eye Specialists for Animals, who says they have “low” vision. We’re pretty sure they can see light and shadow, confirmed because they play just fine with a laser toy, following the red dot all over the place. We also think they may be able to make out some shapes. We have been giving them medication and Dr. Dugan thinks cataracts are resorbing.

Louisa & Christina play
Limited sight doesn’t slow them down much, as they’re both playful and adventuresome. Of course, toys that make noise are the best and allow them to follow with their hearing, which is very acute. We have had them in a playpen and a condo and they’re happy to explore everywhere they can.

Louisa & Christina @ Happy Cats
They will probably need a home that’s fairly predictable, one where they can count on the furniture staying in one place, without too much commotion, so they can learn their way around. They’re both smart little cookies, so it shouldn’t take them too much time to get settled.

Louisa @ Happy Cats
Christina @ Happy Cats
They are both loving little girls too, ready to turn on the purrs and head bonks once they are introduced. They love to snuggle and give you kitty kisses once they get to know you and will probably be little love bunnies once they’re settled into a nice family.

We are partnering with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary through December to reduce their adoption fees to $25 each, including our usual adoption package of negative virus tests, microchips, vaccinations, spays, food & litter to get you started, a month of free insurance and a voucher for a free vet visit. If you don’t have a carrier, we can give you one of those too. We hope to find just that right family with room in their hearts for two sweet little girls!

Louisa & Christina @ Happy Cats