Round, stocky, thrust into a big adventure after lives without much stimulation…don’t you think Hobbit names are appropriate for our new rescue kitties?

In foster care, meet Frodo:
Frodo @ Happy Cats
And Bilbo:
Bilbo @ Happy Cats
Erling @ Happy Cats
And Ferdinand:
Ferdinand @ Happy Cats

The cats we have at the haven include Hugo:
Hugo @ Happy Cats
Bowman @ Happy Cats
Hobson @ Happy Cats
And our only girl, Dora:
Dora @ Happy Cats
Although this hoarding situation wasn’t as bad as it could have been, the overcrowding these cats suffered has left its scars on them.

Bowman had a huge abscess that burst shortly after he got here. At that point, we misinformed our veterinarian that he was a she, since we were told everyone was intact. He went in for treatment and a spay and ended up with a sex change :)! This is a shot of the drain in his healing abscess.

As you can see from Hugo, all the rescued cats have severe earmite infections and many were dehydrated from lack of water. Ferdinand has a clouded eye that may only have partial sight. He also now has an upper respiratory infection and we’re treating for both conditions.

Thank you to all our generous donors who have contributed to the Hobbits’ medical care. Barring any further complications, we’re about 2/3 the way to meeting our financial needs for them.

Frodo, Hugo and Dora seem to be the most outgoing. Dora has already met her new family and was happily purring within a few minutes. She now has a hold on her. We’ve started play therapy with them all and even shy Hobson and Bowman are loving their pipe cleaners.

One of the original rescuers says the cats were “so mentally understimulated that when a towel dropped on the floor, about 10 of them instantly pounced on it and began playing with it, just so excited to have something to play with.”

Since they have been through so much, we’re going fairly slowly, trying not stress them any more than necessary. If you’d like to come visit any of them, please call to make an appointment. We’ll be glad to arrange a quiet time for them.

Apparently this was a breeding situation gone terribly wrong. The original owner started out with 6 cats and had very few of them neutered, poor Bowman being one exception. We have been told that it’s unlikely the hoarder took in cats off the street, but we of course welcome anyone to come check for their cats. None of the cats at Happy Cats have microchips.

These are the other organizations who participated in this rescue:

Life is Better Rescue

Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Pet Project

Angels with Paws

Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Every Creature Counts

Colorado Animal Welfare League

Almost Home Adoptions


9 Lives Rescue

Dreampower Animal Rescue

Misha May Dog Training

4 Paws 4 Life

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